What's this site all about?
As I mention in my introduction, this site is about looking at how physics can be applied to everyday life to better understand why things work the way they do.  Most of the posts start simply as something I see that I'm curious about.

Why are you doing this?
Since I started studying physics, I've noticed ways that the laws and methods I've learned show up in my own life.  I mostly started this site as an excuse to work out the details of specific examples, but also to share the results with you all, and show how relevant science can be.

What are your credentials?
I have a PhD in physics from the University of Michigan. For my bachelors, I attended Swarthmore College. I now work as a researcher at LAPP in France.

Where do you get your photos/diagrams/equations?
Most of the photos and diagrams I make myself, but many also come from Wikipedia or other sites, where noted.  The equations are rendered in LaTeX using the tool LaTeXiT.

I have something I'm curious about.  Can you do a post on it?
Assuming I can come up with something worthwhile to say about it, sure.  Just leave a comment, or send me an email.

Other questions about the site in general are welcome as well.  Send them to me, and I'll post the answers here.

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